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how does TED work?

TED stands for TRANSEPIDERMAL DELIVERY. It is system that uses the power of ultrasound and air pressure to penetrate a unique topical formula full of growth factors, exosomes, peptides and nutrients deep into the hair follicles.

Alma TED increases blood flow and improves the health of the scalp by stimulating and awakening dormant hair follicles resulting in thicker, stronger hair.

Alma TED is unique in that the hair growth benefits are achieved without needles or other invasive methods. Additionally, there is no accompanying discomfort and shedding that patients experience with other hair treatments and procedures.

Alma Ted Device

am I a good candidate?

TED treatments are appropriate for anyone experiencing hair loss or hair shedding, as well as anyone who wants to maintain healthy looking hair.

Whether you are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning or hair shedding caused by genetics, hormones, stress, diet or a recent illness like COVID, everyone can benefit from a TED treatment series.

alma ted treatment female
alma ted treatment female
alma ted treatment female

what is the treatment process?

BEFORE: The only requirement the day of your appointment, is that you MUST come with clean, dry hair without any product in it. That's it!

DURING: Since TED is 100% pain free and needle free, many patients say that the procedure is actually soothing and relaxing! You will feel a warm, buzzing sensation and the whole process typically takes under one hour.

AFTER: Your hair will be damp for about 30 minutes but you will be able to resume your normal routine directly after your appointment.


You should NOT shampoo or get your hair wet for 24 hours. That includes sweating or steaming. You also should NOT color or chemically treat your hair for up to 72 hours following your treatment. Other than that, there is absolutely no downtime. 

when will I see results?

Although you may notice improvement with just one treatment, TED treatments are performed in a series of three initial sessions, four weeks apart to ensure the most effective results. 

The improvements seen will range from decreased shedding, increased hair growth, improved hair quality and texture with an overall better-looking hair and scalp. 

alma ted treatment female before after
alma ted treatment female before after
alma ted treatment female before after

base                                         post 2x TED

base                                         post 3x TED

base                                         post 2x TED

alma ted treatment male before after
alma ted treatment male before after

base                                         post 4x TED

base                                         post 3x TED

is maintenance required?

Future maintenance will vary depending on a number of factors such as genetics, life style, nutrition and the type of hair loss you're experiencing. Each TED client will come back for a 6 month evaluation where I will recommend the best maintenance plan for you.


Most of you will finish your initial TED series and you'll be completely satisfied. For those who have experienced hair loss and hair thinning for many years, it may require more treatments to awaken those dormant follicles and yearly maintenance.

female alma ted treatment

what is the investment?

Your initial TED series is sold as a package. If maintenance is required, future maintenance appointments may be purchased individually or as a package of three.

Because each person's treatment plan will vary, please schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation for more information on pricing.

Pay in installments from 3-24 months by financing through Cherry. There's no downside to applying since Cherry does not perform a hard credit check. Installment plans with 0% interest for up to 6 months may be available!

how to schedule?


All TED Treatments require a quick, in person, complimentary  15-minute consultation. You will find that option under TED Consultation.

Whether you are taking preventative measures or are looking to grow your hair back, I am excited to get started on this hair restoration journey with you!

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