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regrow your hair
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renew your confidence

megan murray hair + scalp

Megan Murray is a certified Trichologist and hair loss specialist located in Raleigh, NC. She offers a multi-therapeutic, holistic approach to healing and restoring your hair and scalp.


While hair loss effects nearly half of the population at some point in their lifetime, it feels lonely, scary and depressing when it is happening to you. There is so much information out there that Googling your symptoms can lead to even more confusion.


Megan is ready to listen to your story and personalize the most effective treatment plan for YOU. 

hair + scalp analysis

When is it time to do something about your hair loss or scalp condition? My advice is to be proactive before it turns into something more serious.  

There are a wide variety of reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss. There are also many types of scalp conditions, disorders, diseases and infections. Finding the root cause of why you are enduring these symptoms is the first step to healing and restoration.

I would love to work with you. BOOK YOUR HAIR + SCALP ANALYSIS TODAY!

Alma TED treatments

TED stands for TRANS EPIDERMAL DELIVERY. TED is an innovative hair restoration technology developed by Alma Lasers that is completely non-invasive and painless. TED is by far the most effective and efficient hair growth treatment on the market today!


Whether you are being proactive or reactive, TED is designed to address hair shedding, hair loss and hair thinning for both men and women. Book your TED Series today to see fast results!

established salon guests

If you are an established salon guest, please head to the new online booking platform to schedule your next appointment. The cut/color service options have not changed but you are now able to add on extensive scalp treatments if you are interested. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are unsure of what to book. Megan is looking forward to seeing you in her cozy new space! 

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